Are you about to purchase a home or building in St Kilda, Brighton, Moorabin or the Bayside area? Before you make one of the largest investments in your life, we highly recommend that one of our professionals inspects your property.

To the untrained eye, your home or investment property to be may be in immaculate condition and a great purchase opportunity. But there may be many things that you have missed that will jeopardise the value of your purchase.
Here at Melbourne Wide Building Inspections, we make it our job to protect buyers from purchasing a ‘lemon’ building and encountering many problems down the track. Our highly trained professionals will look under the property, over the property, and around the property to provide you with a thorough inspection report that will put any doubts or worries you might have to bed.

We cover all bases when it comes to structural damage, electrical issues, pest issues, plumbing and more. Our pre-sale inspections will identify issues that may turn buyers off or prompt them to ask for a lower price. For further information about our property inspections in St Kilda, Brighton, Moorabin and Bayside, contact us today.

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  • Hi Tom Great report and lots of photos, I really appreciate your quick response.

    - Raj Frankston