Pre Purchase; We look under, over and all around, every nook and Cranny we can fit into we look at, we are tradies and not afraid to get dirty, (try getting an Architect to crawl under and through the entire floor and ceiling space of the house you want to buy) When you engage us we guarantee to work harder for you.We also use thermal imaging and scope cameras to help identify hidden problems. We do go the extra mile.

Apart from all the normal things relevant to a pre purchase inspection, We do also look at electrical wiring, plumbing waste and vent pipes, hot and cold water pipes and heating ducts.

New Houses; Volume builders offer very cost effective homes, no doubt about it, But is the home you get the same as the display home you looked at when you signed up. Stage inspections, you must have an independent professional look at each stage for you, we can identify problems before it’stoo late. We will compile a list of items to enquire about accompanied by supporting photos. We can help you get what you paid for.

Renovation Reports, So you have moved in to your new home and you want to start the renovations

But Where do you start, can you really remove that wall, will the roof fall in if you do so, do you need a permit to do the work, Is there a more cost effective way to go about things, will the work you want to do add value or over capitalise the house, How much would it all cost, who would you get to do the work, how many quotes should you get, do you need a contract and schedule of works. What qualifications and licencesshould the trades you employ have, Is the quality of work up to industry standard, We can help with the renovation from planning to completion.

Pre-Sale inspections; OK you know your house has some maintenance issues, you would prefer to sell it as is, just move on,But are things as bad as they first look, maybe not, we can identify areas that will either turn buyer away or prompt them to make lower offers than asking price.

We can tell you the cost range to have things fixed so you know first-hand, this enables you to negotiate a fair sale price.

Want to sell, Owner Builder Warranty Insurance reports( 137B ); All building works which require a permit and taken out by an owner builder, will need to be inspected if sold within seven years to obtain warranty insurance,



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