Are you purchasing a new home in Melbourne? Being a new home, you would think there would be less risk attached to purchasing the property. This is not always the case. There are many instances in which new home owners have discovered poor workmanship, cheap shortcuts and even dangerous electrical work. We don’t want you to be taken advantage of!

Contact Melbourne Wide Building Inspections and organise a new home inspection in Melbourne before you buy. Our new home inspections are carried out by fully licensed and experienced tradesmen. They know exactly what to look for and can uncover faults or lazy shortcuts that might compromise your home.

To the untrained eye, everything may appear to be well built. Our experienced professionals will literally crawl into every little space in the roof and floor to ensure nothing is out of place. Plumbing work, electrical work, roofing, gutters and foundations will all get looked at. No dodgy tradesmen will go by unnoticed by Melbourne Wide Building Inspections in Melbourne.

Your new home should be a dream home, not a nightmare! Contact our professionals today and have peace of mind in knowing that you are getting what you paid for.

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