You have found the home of your dreams, and you found out that you placed the highest bid. The seller has agreed to accept your offer. Now, what do you do? There are a variety of things that are important, and one is to have a house inspection for your eastern suburbs of Melbourne home. The only way to know for sure that your investment is safe and sound is to have an inspection. You should trust an experienced and licensed inspection company such as South Eastern Property Inspections to do the job.

Our team of inspectors is made up of licenced building practitioners who are also licenced electrical contractors with over two decades of experience in the construction industry. Our goal is to help you make a sound, informed decision regarding the purchase of your home. We provide you with a comprehensive inspection report that includes photos within 12 hours of the inspection. To protect yourself and your investment, trust the professionals at South Eastern Property Inspections.

Why Have a Pre Purchase Building Inspection in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Our knowledgeable inspectors can provide you with details about any potential damage in the home that you plan to buy. One of the biggest problems found in homes is the presence of moisture. Moisture can lead to all sorts of problems including one of the most dangerous – mould. The average person may not notice or have the tools necessary to check for excess moisture in a home. It may be something as simple as the potential for a basement leak. Without that knowledge, a homeowner could be facing serious consequences both to their health and to their finances.

Other problems, both major and minor, may be present as well. As a buyer, you may not see some of the underlying issues that only an experienced inspector can identify. A home may have some cracks in the walls, which could indicate some structural deficiencies. Another may have some broken window seals. The problem with the window seals is an easy fix, but the seals and cracks in walls both affect the value of a house and should be taken in to account when finalising a contract to purchase.

Why Choose South Eastern Property Inspections?

While not required in Victoria, we are a licenced home and building inspector. With an investment as important as a home, we believe you should trust only authorised inspection companies. South Eastern Property Inspections is a team of registered building practitioners, licenced electrical contractors, and licenced asbestos removalists. We also carry professional indemnity insurance.

Our pre-purchase building inspections in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne consist of various processes. We examine the entire property inside and outside the home. We study the electrical, heating, and plumbing systems. Our state of the art technology includes the use of thermal imaging and scope cameras to identify any underlying problems.

When the inspection is complete, we will provide you with a full report that is easy to understand. Any problems, whether minor or major, are identified and fully explained along with suggestions as to how any problems can be rectified. Protect yourself and call us today on 0417 055 155 or send us an email at

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