If asbestos testing at your South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne home reveals that there is nothing present, you’re ready to go. If there is asbestos in your property, however, it would be understandable if you wanted to get it removed. What comes next? The methods can vary, but your reliable building inspectors in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, South Eastern Property Inspections, would like to clue you in on some commonalities and differences in the usual asbestos abatement procedures.

What Happens After Asbestos Testing at My South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne Home Is Complete?

If you have identified asbestos, removal will be the next hurdle, and your contractor will need to come to the property to do some prep work. They’ll need to establish their work area and put plastic over the surfaces in your home. They will need to disable the HVAC and electrical systems in the area that they’ll be working in. They will also need to establish decontamination equipment that will be critical to the process. During the job, contractors will need to don specialised work gear and adhere specific procedures to limit the propagation of airborne asbestos. As you well know, though it isn’t immediately harmful, asbestos fibres can have critical, lasting effects.

The offending material must then be removed from the property and properly discarded. In many cases, wet methods will be used to clean away any leftover asbestos. There are dry methods for removing asbestos, but they run the risk of leaving fibres behind and are thus not as commonly used. The wet media (cloths, rags, mops, etc.) are then disposed of (while still wet) so that the asbestos doesn’t have a chance to escape. There are also specialised vacuums, called HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuums, that can trap the small asbestos fibres but filter them so that they cannot escape through the exhaust. In cases where asbestos may have settled in carpets, it might be necessary to remove all affected carpets as a more cost effective alternative to cleaning.

They will need to test the air throughout the process to make sure that no asbestos remains. This testing consists of taking filtered air samples and then delivering them to a lab for analysis. Samples are taken from both inside and outside the work area to ensure that nothing is left. If the air tests fail, then the area will need to be re-cleaned and retested to ensure that no asbestos remains.

Can A Building Inspector Handle Removal of Asbestos?

If you call the most qualified building inspector in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, South Eastern Property Inspections, then the answer is yes. It takes a highly skilled team to handle asbestos removal, and we are that team. We are highly trained on the specifics of what is needed to handle asbestos safely and minimise potential environmental exposure. We’ve been in the business for years, and conduct our dealings with the professionalism and expertise of an experienced building inspector. If you’re in need of building inspectors for your property, please give us a call today on 0417 055 155 to learn more about how we can help you with asbestos testing, removal, and much more.

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