There’s nothing more exciting than buying a new home, especially if this will be the first possession you own together as a couple. Purchasing a new property represents a significant milestone in life, and you’ll no doubt create many happy memories in your new house as time progresses. You might even bring up a new family member or two in your property a little further down the line. However, if you want to know that it will provide the perfect habitat for years – if not decades – to come, you need to know that it’s in top-notch condition before going ahead with a purchase.

Understandably, you’ll want to find your dream home and move in as quickly as possible, but you shouldn’t be too hasty with such a big decision, especially one as expensive as buying a house. There could be a multitude of problems with your new property that the owner either neglects to tell you about or isn’t aware of, and you might have to spend thousands to put things right. You don’t want to pay through the roof for fixes when you’ve just borrowed hundreds of thousands to obtain a mortgage, and you won’t have to if you invest in a building and pest inspection in Mount Eliza before signing any contracts.

At South Eastern Property Inspections, we can make sure your property is in pristine condition before any money changes hands. We’re fully licensed asbestos removalists, electrical contractors and building practitioners, meaning we have the required skills, knowledge and experience to check your home thoroughly from top to bottom. Nobody wants to move into a house that hosts pests and is contaminated with asbestos, and you won’t have to if you utilise a professional inspector for asbestos testing in Mount Eliza and a building and pest inspection.

Find a Building Inspector in Mount Eliza You Can Trust

Even though you don’t need a license in Mount Eliza to carry out building inspections, we believe you should only trust qualified professionals for the job. Here’s why:

  • Check for all signs of degradation – If somebody doesn’t know the ins and outs of the construction industry, how can you be sure they know how to check for problems such as structural degradation and severe water damage? It’s better to contact a professional inspector that knows what they’re doing.
  • Don’t share your home with pests – Australia is home to diverse wildlife, but you don’t want wood-boring pests taking refuge in your house’s timber frame. We’re here to make sure no unwanted intruders are putting the structural integrity of your home at risk.
  • Make sure you’re spending money wisely – Your new property will be the most valuable asset in your possession, meaning you need to ensure you’re investing your cash wisely. An inspection will tell you whether the asking price is fair.

We’re Here to Help You

At South Eastern Property Inspections, our number one priority is to assist you in ensuring you’re making the right decision before purchasing a new home. Contact us today to find out more about asbestos testing and building and pest inspections.

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