Asbestos Inspections Melbourne

At Melbourne Wide Building Inspections we offer asbestos inspections in Melbourne, as well as removal of this dangerous substance. Asbestos is comprised of several silicate minerals, producing a strong, highly sound absorbent, fire retardant building material. After being used in construction for many years, it was discovered that the prolonged inhalation of the fibrous crystals of asbestos causes lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. As a result, asbestos is no longer used as a building material but unfortunately, many older houses still contain it. The process of identifying and removing asbestos is very difficult as the material must be handled delicately. Our company has many years of experience in asbestos inspection, so you can be assured that you will receive a comprehensive report on any asbestos that is found. We will carry out a thorough inspection and location tests within your property, after which, all forms of asbestos are assessed for immediate removal. All areas of the property will be inspected, and any asbestos that’s detected will be removed with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption. Experienced, qualified, and licensed builders are on hand to inspect your property in and around east and Melbourne Wide Building Inspections today.

Asbestos Testing and Inspections

There are many dangers associated with asbestos, including respiratory problems and disease. In compliance with the law, asbestos removal must be carried out immediately upon detection. Our builders are trained in the latest technological procedures for finding asbestos and asbestos testing, whether it has been disturbed or not. Our qualified and experienced inspection team use scope cameras and thermal imaging to find out the condition of the property by going deep into the building structure. Asbestos inspections examine the floors, ceilings, and walls as they are the common areas where asbestos will be located. These areas also allow for testing to be carried out as unobtrusively as possible. Samples are taken for analysis and the findings are shared with you. The health of you and your family is our primary concern, so we ensure that you are safe from the hazards of asbestos.

Asbestos Removal

Melbourne Wide Building Inspections provide asbestos removal and a huge range of services including help with issues surrounding planning permits and required consents. Before commencing asbestos inspections and removals, we offer a comprehensive explanation of the procedure and what it will involve. Our team is reliable and punctual, completing jobs in the shortest possible time. They work tirelessly to make your home safe as quickly as possible through asbestos testing and inspections. Once the site assessment has been completed, we can submit our inspection report to you confirming the results of asbestos tests. Our charges depend upon the size of the inspection, volume, type, and age of the asbestos – as well as costs associated with reinstatement. If you have an older house, book an asbestos inspection today and ensure the safety of you and your family.

For more information on asbestos testing and removal call us on 0417 055 155 or email us via the Contact Us page.



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