Are you looking to buy a new home in Melbourne? Taking the step to buy a brand-new home is an exciting experience. You might think that brand-new houses are built well and don’t require a house inspection before purchase. After all, no one has lived in them before. In truth, new homes can have problems just like older ones do. House inspections by South Eastern Property Inspections, based in Melbourne, are thorough and offer the best quality in the region. With our professional house inspectors, we will be able to spot all defects that might be hiding within a new home.

When we conduct an inspection, we don’t only look at the surface and structure of the home. Various utilities could have problems, such as gas, electric and plumbing. Even though a new home has recently been built and not even lived in, subpar craftsmanship can negatively impact the home. A house inspector with South Eastern Property Inspections is licensed and trained to find the defects that others cannot.

New Homes May be Poorly Built

Unfortunately, though many new homes look amazing, they are at times not built very well. Tradesmen may perform shoddy work and cheap shortcuts in order to finish the home faster. A house inspection by South Eastern Property Inspections can detect dangerous work, like poor electrical wiring, and let you know what needs to be fixed. While older homes might carry defects due to owner neglect, newer homes might start off with a disadvantage if it is not caught by proper house inspections.

Our house inspectors are familiar with cover-ups by builders and can spot any problems with structural integrity, electrical wiring and more. You do not want to purchase a new Melbourne home that is poorly built — you might have to spend a lot of money in the future to fix issues that only become worse with time. A South Eastern Property Inspections house inspector will find out where lazy shortcuts have been taken and note them in a detailed report with photographs. At that point, you will know what you’re dealing with in your prospective new home.

Make Informed Decisions About Properties

The major benefit of house inspections by house inspectors in Melbourne is that you will be informed of the real condition of the new home. You won’t be fooled by poor craftsmanship or by property owners who want to sell their house as quickly as possible. With detailed reports by South Eastern Property Inspections, you can determine whether or not you want to continue with the buying process on the home or if you want to negotiate for a lower price. Our role at South Eastern Property Inspections is to make sure the buyer is as educated as possible about their housing choices.

You will never regret choosing to conduct a house inspection. If your home is in perfect shape, then you know for sure that it is worth buying and you can move forward with peace of mind. If it is not, you can take other steps to purchase the home or pass on it and look for another.

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