Thinking about selling your office building in Melbourne is a big decision, but remember that you need to make sure everything is structurally sound first before you put it on the market. South Eastern Property Inspections can help you move along with your sale by conducting a building inspection in St Kilda, Bayside and other Melbourne suburbs. A professional building inspector will look over your building inside and outside and then compile a building inspection report detailing all the damage or surface or structural issues.

When selling your office building, you want to get the best price possible. Lowering the price due to structural problems that you didn’t know about before is avoidable with South Eastern Property Inspections. We will help you maintain the value of your building with building inspectors who know exactly what to look for. If you do end up having problems, you can get them fixed before you put the building back on the market.

Find Advanced Building Inspections

Before you purchase a home, you will need an inspector to fill out a building inspector report detailing all the damage or pest issues beforehand. This is so you understand what needs to be fixed at the home and it will help you decide whether to move on or to ask for a lower price. Our building inspectors at South Eastern Property Inspections can look at your electrical, plumbing and wiring systems to make sure everything is working properly.

Our easy-to-understand building inspection report will outline all the problems in clear English. That way, you can show it to the homeowner and discuss what you will do next. Buying a Melbourne home is a big enough investment — make sure you have a proper building inspection conducted so you know what your next step will be. If the home is in great shape, then you know you’ll be set for years in a well-maintained building. That’s why building inspections are so important. They give you peace of mind because you know a professional building inspector will spot the defects you can’t.

Rely on Staff for Regular Inspections

A building inspection report by building inspectors in Melbourne isn’t only useful when you are about to sell or buy a building. Regular inspections will help you stay on top of maintenance issues and make sure your home or building is still working properly, whether you’re worried about electrics or about carbon monoxide or asbestos. A building inspector report can be compiled every few years, and keeping those reports is proof that the building has been well maintained. Structural damage can be avoided if inspections are done regularly and inspectors spot the problems early on.

If you need an emergency inspection, South Eastern Property Inspections often turns around quickly. We might even be able to come out to your building on the same day if needed. We understand that building inspections might need to happen suddenly, so we are on hand to move quickly if the customer needs us to. After all, we are in the business of helping you make an informed decision about your building.

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