You are a DIY master. Walls tremble beneath the swing of your hammer, and ancient tiles splinter from the press of your boot. You’ve transformed rooms and increased property value. There’s no renovation too great for you – except asbestos removal.

South Eastern Property Inspections celebrates the DIY initiative. We also, however, emphasise the need for experienced asbestos testing in Melbourne – with men and women requiring licensed aid to ensure safe and thorough removals. This project demands more than self-taught skills. It instead requires national compliance and precise technology.

Asbestos testing in Melbourne – as outlined in the Work Health and Safety Act of 2012 – is crucial for both commercial and residential buildings, improving air quality and removing dangerous toxins. It’s a complex process that requires the greatest of care. Allow our team to provide that care, connecting you to a series of specialised services:

  • Thorough On-Site Inspections – including foundations, ceilings, walls, and floors.
  • Access to Quality equipment – including thermal imaging and scope cameras.
  • In-House Sample Analyses – with all silica-based fibres examined for toxicity levels.
  • Expedited Removals – with all planning permits submitted and all fibres carefully eliminated.

Through these services, our asbestos testing in Melbourne yields safe environments for every client – and spares them the potential hazards of DIY attempts. To learn more schedule a consultation with our team today:

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