The engineers of the past once revered asbestos – deeming it a mineral miracle, a fibrous material that could seamlessly adapt to extreme heat, cold, and friction. It was the future of the commercial world. That future proved all too bleak, however, and time has revealed the dangers of this material. Its high toxicity triggers countless symptoms, with a recent study from Safe Work Australia noting these troubling statistics:

  • Approximately 125 individuals die each year from asbestos.
  • Approximately 667 individuals contract Mesothelioma each year from asbestos.
  • Approximately 1394 individuals are hospitalised each year from asbestos.

These numbers showcase the lingering dangers of asbestos – and they highlight the need for building inspectors in South Melbourne.

South Eastern Property Inspectors recognises the potential issues that arise from silica exposure. We offer our clients asbestos testing services in South Melbourne, helping them to create safe environments (both commercial and residential). Our qualified team – which boasts building practitioner licensing, electrical contracting licensing, and asbestos removal licensing – quickly identifies all potential issues and then eliminates those issues.

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Seeking Building Inspectors in South Melbourne: Our Services

The necessity of asbestos testing in South Melbourne is undeniable – and so is the need for experienced support. We provide that support, connecting our clients to the professionalism and precision they require. With each evaluation, we:

  • Conduct thorough property inspections, locating all sources of asbestos (including ones on ceilings, walls, and floors).
  • Utilise advanced equipment (including thermal imaging and scope cameras) to ensure unobtrusive identifications.
  • Collect samples for in-house analysis.
  • Create custom removal strategies.
  • Implement removal strategies (including securing the necessary planning permits and consent forms).

Each building inspector in South Melbourne strives to provide clients with secure homes, offices, and industrial sites – delivering comprehensive testing throughout Victoria. All procedures comply with national standards and ensure quality.

Simplifying Asbestos Testing in South Melbourne

Complicated terminologies and complex procedures define asbestos testing – and these leave individuals confused, uncertain of what they’re actually purchasing. Our building inspectors in South Melbourne understand the frustration our clients have faced in the past. We therefore seek to simplify the present, promising straightforward explanations with every consultation.

We’ll carefully list the sources of contamination, allowing our clients to understand both the dangers of asbestos and the need for extraction services; and then we’ll guide them through the entire removal process, answering all questions in clear, basic language. Our goal is safety, not confusion.

Let us provide you with the services you need. Contact a building inspector in South Melbourne today via our online form. We’ll gladly schedule a consultation, offer details about our removal process, or even generate a free quote. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and strive to connect you to the information you deserve.

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