Frankston is known as the Gateway to the Morning Peninsula, and with good reason. Boasting incredible vistas of the nearby coast and fabulous sunrises, the region has long been a popular place to buy property and raise families. If you’re considering the purchase of a home in Frankston, however, you’ll want to make sure you do everything in your power to verify its stability, value, and safety first. Frankston has a long history, which means that some of the buildings in the area have been around for a long time. Older buildings are beautiful to look at, but it’s always best to have one inspected before you become legally responsible for it.

Even if you’re purchasing a relatively new home, it never hurts to learn everything you can about it before it comes into your possession. To that end, there are a few things you may want to consider doing before you buy a house (or commercial property). The first of these things should be to arrange for asbestos testing on the property. Asbestos testing in Frankston is a type of inspection that identifies any traces of this once-common building material, which is no longer allowed into Australia due to the health risks it poses. However, the fact remains that nearly one-third of all homes built in the country contain asbestos, which makes testing an important step in any homebuyer’s process.

While you’re at it, it’s also highly advisable to check for the presence of pests. Building and pest inspection in Frankston can identify any vermin in a home that the previous owners have not noticed or disclosed. While any pest makes itself apparent given enough time, it is possible that the current owner may have an infestation that they are unaware of at the date of sale. To make sure you’re always in the know about such things before you sign anything, hiring a building inspector for your Frankston property before you’ve finalised the deal should be a must.

A High-Quality Building Inspector in Frankston

One company providing high quality building inspections in Frankston and numerous other nearby areas is South Eastern Property Inspections. SEPI has been licensed for over a quarter of a century, during which time the company has performed countless inspections of homes throughout Frankston, Cheltenham and beyond. With SEPI, asbestos can be found and removed easily, while pests and other potential problems are quickly identified. A track record of experience and satisfied customers helps to ensure that new buyers who make this choice will know everything they need to before setting pen to paper on a contract.

Choose an Inspection and Know for Sure

Trust is fantastic, but knowledge is certain. That’s why it’s always smart to hire an inspector for asbestos testing or pest inspections before committing your resources. For more information on South Eastern Property Inspections, contact the company today and ask to speak with a representative, or receive a free quote online.

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