If you’re thinking about purchasing a building, you’re preparing yourself to make a serious commitment. Buying a home or commercial space is the kind of investment that some people take many years to get ready for, so it’s crucial that the building you end up with is satisfactory—and safe. Many prospective buyers assume that the person or organisation they’re purchasing their new building from has been forthcoming about any potential issues with the structure, and this isn’t necessarily wrong. The truth is, most sellers are honest, but that doesn’t mean they know everything there is to know about the property they’re selling you.

Certain conditions can go unnoticed during property transactions but cause significant complications for buyers after the purchase. One such issue is asbestos, a pesky and potentially hazardous contaminant found in numerous older homes throughout Cheltenham and many other Australian municipalities. Asbestos testing in Cheltenham is usually an excellent investment when you’re considering the purchase of a new property, even if the seller has told you not to worry. You might have plenty of faith in the person you’re buying from, and rightly so—but it never hurts to be safe and double-check with professionals.

Another common problem for buyers is the presence of pests not previously detected or declared by the building’s last owner. All kinds of vermin can make their way into buildings over the years, and even attentive residents may not notice them until the property has been passed along to the next owner. These could include rodents, insects, and other small animals whose activity may compromise the structural integrity or hygiene of a building. To make sure the new property you’re purchasing is 100% safe and free from unwanted “tenants”, a building and pest inspection in Cheltenham may be warranted.

Find a Quality Building Inspector in Cheltenham

Building inspections in Cheltenham are easy to come by when you call the right company to perform them. One such organisation is South Eastern Property Inspections, a company that has provided building inspections and asbestos testing for Cheltenham properties over several decades. SEPI is a fully licensed company, and while not every company in Cheltenham requires a permit for testing, it’s still an important sign of their professionalism and attention to detail. Choosing a licensed inspector means no corners will be cut as they perform their vital work, guaranteeing reliable results.

Hire Your Inspector Now and get Peace of Mind Later

Investing in a quality inspector to inspect the building you’re thinking about purchasing beforehand is the best way to make sure you can take ownership with total confidence. Knowing about pests or asbestos before you’ve signed anything legally binding gives you the foresight to plan a solution, and the freedom to walk away from the deal if necessary. Stay aware and in control of your resources when you hire a pest inspector or arrange for asbestos testing in Cheltenham.

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