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Property Inspections in St Kilda

Are you about to purchase a home or building in St Kilda, Brighton, Moorabin or the Bayside area? Before you make one of the largest investments in your life, we highly recommend that one of our professionals inspects your property.

To the untrained eye, your home or investment property to be may be in immaculate condition and a great purchase opportunity. But there may be many things that you have missed that will jeopardise the value of your purchase.

Melbourne Wide Building Inspections

Independent Building Inspections

Are you worried about the safety of your current or potential home? An independent building inspection provided by Melbourne Wide Building Inspections can put your mind at rest. If you’re planning on selling your house it’s important to uncover any issues that may affect its value. One of our independent building inspectors in Melbourne will be able to identify any problems, inside or outside your home.

When purchasing a new house you have to make sure the property is safe and that you’re getting value for your money. One of our pre-purchase independent building inspections will investigate your potential new home and any findings will be written in a report. The report will give you the information you need to make the best decision about purchasing the house or your offering price.

Over the years problems with your house can occur – both big and small – that could make your property unsafe or energy inefficient. Melbourne Wide Building Inspections skilled independent building inspectors will be able to spot any issues immediately, giving you the information you need to make your house as good as it can be.

If you’re selling your home, using independent building inspectors is an absolute necessity. The report will provide you with a comprehensive catalogue of any problems that may lower the value of your house. By having this information you can fix the problems, maintaining the full value of your property.

For more information on independent building inspectors in Melbourne, call us on 0417 055 155.

Selling a building to move house or to move into another office building in Melbourne might seem like it is an easier process than buying a new property. However, when you sell a property, you should consider hiring independent building inspectors with Melbourne Wide Building Inspections. Located in East Melbourne, Cheltenham and Rye, our inspectors consist of licensed electrical professionals, building practitioners and asbestos inspectors. We can examine every aspect of your building to make sure it is valued the way it should.

An independent building inspector who only works for the needs of the buyers and sellers is absolutely necessary when a potential transaction of a large amount of money is on hand. We seek to inform both buyers and sellers of the damage and defects in the buildings, whether it’s an issue with electrical wiring, asbestos or just the structure. Independent building inspections for sellers of office buildings will help you decide what you need to fix in order to sell your building for what you want.


One of the benefits of using Melbourne Wide Building Inspections for your independent building inspections is that we provide quick turnaround for your request. When you book an inspector, you will work directly with us and we determine what time is good for you. If needed, we might even be able to come out to the site the very same day. Our independent building inspectors understand that both buyers and sellers might need to move at a quick pace when they are in the buying process. That’s why we want to accommodate all parties, so everyone can make a decision as soon as possible.

Along with a quick turnaround, Melbourne Wide Building Inspections provides full, detailed reports soon after the inspection is completed. An independent building inspector with us will compile a comprehensive report following Australian standards and will seek to quantify the costs needed for some of the repairs. You will know exactly what is going on with your Melbourne building before you sell or buy it and you’ll even have photographs to look at to spot all of the defects we discuss.


Melbourne Wide Building Inspections features inspectors who truly understand how to find each and every defect in the building’s structure, plumbing, wiring and more. With years of experience, our independent building inspectors for building inspections in Melbourne are licensed building practitioners who are often qualified to examine the electric system and inspect for asbestos. In our clear, easy-to-read inspection reports, you’ll be able to read about everything in your building and then determine what the next course of action should be.

Trust licensed inspectors to carry out your building inspections, not those without a license who might not have much experience. Our inspectors have worked for years to inform buyers and sellers of the condition of their properties. Melbourne Wide Building Inspections has a reputation for reliability, affordability and great customer care. Contact us for a quote today, or visit our website at melbournewidebuildinginspections.com.au.

Why choose SEpi?

Pre-Auction Inspections

We know the feeling that comes when the auctioneer calls it for the third time and you’re the highest bidder, Am I really about to buy this property? That feeling can change from delight to despair quickly, let us help keep it delightful.

Whether it’s your first or tenth house purchase let Melbourne Wide Building Inspections give you all the condition information you need to make an informed decision.

Call Melbourne Wide Building Inspections we know building, we know how its put together and what goes wrong from bearer to ridge beam.

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